Recent Work Experience

Benny Magid Article at WKCR

89.9 FM NYC WKCR Director of Operations (Spring 2022-23)

Rebuilding New York's Original FM Radio Station

Organized a historic fundraiser to raise more than $140,000 in donations from our global listener base. Led recruitment to revive volunteer involvement and increase the number of programmers by 1000%.

Graph of WKCR Streamers

WKCR Streamership Tracker (Fall 2022)

MySQL Personal Hackathon

Built a MySQL database to store pseudo real-time data to track 89.9 FM WKCR connected streaming IPs over time.

Keys For Kids Homepage

Keys for Kids Music School (Summer 2021)

Front End Engineer and Web Designer

Built and independently managed website development from initial design through completion, optimizing all cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility. Enhanced user experience and accomplished website objectives with customized HTML, CSS, and Javascript functionality. Migrated legacy Apache Tomcat (Java) code to maintain compatibility with server-side student database systems.

BHI Competitiveness Data

Beacon Hill Institute (Summer 2020)

U.S. State Competitiveness Data

Developed and designed a novel, Python-based comparative analytics Dash App for U.S. state competitiveness based on proprietary BHI index models. Edited with Jupyter Notebook and deployed with Git and Heroku.


Cress Health (Fall 2020)

Creative Marketing Director

Successfully coordinated and maintained social media marketing campaigns on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter for a new-to-market, consumer-facing mental health platform, Callie.

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